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Pro Football Players Are on The Right Side of Marijuana History. The NFL Isn't.

Via: Adam Woodhead   The NFL has had a long, fraught relationship with marijuana with little hope of improvement considering NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's unwavering opposition to cannabis. In April 2017, Goodell dismissed the potential of medical marijuana during an interview with ESPN Radio, pointing to its “addictive nature.” Most recently, Goodell and the league have softened their tones slightly, going from a strict Schedule I view of weed, to dipping their toes in the waters of medical marijuana research. Many players, though, are finding the change in temperature still too lukewarm for their tastes. In January of 2018, the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition created a “fictitious” PSA that appeared in an episode of Netflix comedy series “Disjointed,” calling on Goodell to...

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