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CLASS N SESH: "AshTray History"

History of Ashtrays and Smokingby Nancy Wanvig Americans in the 1950's smoked over 542 trillion cigarettes each year.How did this come about? What is the future of cigarette smoking now?And how does all this affect ashtrays? Smoking, in some form, was found in Europe at least by the 1500's. In 1603, King James of England declared smoking a filthy habit saying it was harmful "to the brains."In 1638, China issued a decree threatening decapitation to all tobacco smokers.The Russians in power also deplored the habit. Offenders were to be deported to Siberia. After the Crimean War in 1853, smoking hand-rolled cigarettes became popular among the British and French soldiers who adopted the habit from the Turkish officers. About that time,...

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